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Tete a Tete Dwarf Narcissi Tete a Tete Dwarf Narcissi
Daffodils & NarcissiDwarf

Tete a Tete Dwarf Narcissi

One of the earliest bloomers, Tete a Tete is as bright as the sun and just as welcome. Plant en masse in any spot where you need a punch of...
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Tete Bouclé Dwarf Narcissi
Daffodils & NarcissiDwarf

Tete Bouclé Dwarf Narcissi

This adorable dwarf, double variety is a sport of Tete a Tete and put on an amazing display! Growing to a height of 6-8" these little beauties have bright, yellow...
Texas Flame Parrot Tulip
Fall 2024Parrot

Texas Flame Parrot Tulip

Texas Flame is a bold mix of creamy yellow with fiery red flames bursting  from the stem and marking every petal in a unique way. Long lasting blooms make them...
Thalia Rock Garden Narcissi Thalia Rock Garden Narcissi
Bulk BulbsDaffodils & Narcissi

Thalia Rock Garden Narcissi

Thalia is a beautiful, frosty white multi-flowering, very fragrant Narcissi. Plant in drifts in well drained soil and enjoy them for years to come. Lovely in bouquets! Rock Garden Narcissi...
PerennialsPerennials R-V

Thalictrum rochebrunianum

This tall, airy plant provides lovely foliage and late summer blooms. It is especially perfect for wildflower gardens, meadows and naturalized areas. Thalictrum rochebruneanum, commonly known as meadow rue features...
The First Kaufmanniana Tulip The First Kaufmanniana Tulip
Fall 2024Kaufmanniana

The First Kaufmanniana Tulip

This tulip will certainly be one of 'the first' tulips to bloom in your garden next spring. Perky, colourful and large blooms. It's a winner for sure! These little tulips...
David AustinRoses

Thomas Becket David Austin Rose

Thomas A Becket is a stunning crimson red David Austin rose. This rose has a more natural shrub habit which creates a refreshingly informal look in the garden. The rose...

Thomas Edison Decorative Dahlia

Light up your garden (sorry - we couldn't resist the pun) with this beautiful, deep violet dahlia. Decorative Dahlias have layer upon layer of fully double flat florets which are...
Three Princes Creative Combination Three Princes Creative Combination
Creative CombinationsFall 2024

Three Princes Creative Combination

You won’t have to kiss a frog to get these ‘Prince Charmings’ growing in your garden! All you have to do is plant them this fall and await their arrival...

Tigermoon Oriental Lily

This late summer bloomer will extend your lily flowering season by about two weeks! A real stunner too. Tigermoon is a lovely, tall, fragrant lily, with many shades of yellow...
GloxiniasSpring 2024

Tigrina Blue Gloxinia

You'll love the speckled look of this new Gloxinia hybrid. Every flower is unique! The spectacularly beautiful Gloxinia with its huge, velvety, bell-shaped blooms isn't difficult to grow in your...
LiliesNovelty Lilies

Tigrinum flore pleno Novelty Lily

Probably the most unusual looking lily we carry - it's actually a double Tiger Lily - so you get twice the pleasure. Usually sells out early so be sure to...
LiliesSpring 2024

Tigrinum splendens Tiger Lily

This beautiful orange lily is covered with black speckles and reminds us of days gone by. They are classic flowers made new again because of their easy growing nature. Who...
Asiatic PatioLilies

Tiny Bee Asiatic Patio Lily

These 'bee-utiful' bright yellow blooms will have your garden bursting with sunshine. Asiatic Patio Lilies are shorter, dwarf versions of the standard Asiatic Lily. Their blooms, however, are just as...
Asiatic PatioLilies

Tiny Comfort Asiatic Patio Lily

Limited Supply! Tiny Comfort offers dark red flowers with 5-7 buds per stem. Asiatic Patio Lilies are shorter, dwarf versions of the standard Asiatic Lily. Their blooms, however, are just...
Asiatic PatioLilies

Tiny Crystal Asiatic Patio Lily

Perfect for pots! Tiny Crystal produces lots of blooms with ivory petals that are touched with just a hint of green. Crystal clear, white petals that reveal hints of lime...
Asiatic PatioLilies

Tiny Double You Asiatic Patio Lily

Limited Supply! If you love Double Asiatics as much as we do we know you'll adore this dwarf hybrid. Breathtaking orange blooms. Asiatic Patio Lilies are shorter, dwarf versions of...
Asiatic PatioLilies

Tiny Ghost Asiatic Patio Lily

Hmmmm, you'd think they'd be white but we figure that these Tiny Ghosts wanted to be seen! Their bright pink colour will surely turn more than a few heads! Asiatic...
Asiatic PatioLilies

Tiny Lion Asiatic Patio Lily

With the bold colours of a safari sunset Tiny Lion will light up your garden! Perfect for enjoying in summer containers and flower beds. Asiatic Patio Lilies are shorter, dwarf...
Asiatic PatioLilies

Tiny Parrot Asiatic Patio Lily

Limited Supply! Looking to garner some attention? Plant a few Tiny Parrots and let the brilliant yellow flowers, speckled with red tones, do their best. Asiatic Patio Lilies are shorter,...