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This classic white collection brings style, beauty, calmness and that wow-effect to your garden. My favourite flowers in a garden are white and green. These colours let the flowers and Mother Nature speak for themselves. It's like having a friend in the garden who is there to listen and understand. No loud noise, no ruckus, just being. Yes, please .... give me more!

Elke Wehinger  

White Garden Collection includes:

20 Chionodoxa forbesii 'alba'

I love Chionodoxa forbesii alba grown under trees or in rock gardens. Its common name Glory of the Snow tells you that it will come up and bloom very early in spring and bring a smile to your face after those long, dark winter days.  

8 Muscari 'White Magic'

These pretty muscari naturalize well in the garden and their scent is heavenly. I like to grow them in containers so that I can enjoy their scent 'up close and personal'. They also make wonderful additions to little posie bouquets.

6 Hakuun Tulips

Hakuun is a beautiful strong stemmed pure white tulip, which I have had on my favourites list for a while. Such a classic beauty in a garden bed or nicely arranged in a vase. We also know it as a perennial tulip that will come back for many years. Perfection!

6 Falmouth Bay Narcissi

Falmouth Bay is a great long-stemmed Narcissi of pure white. Planted in clumps it has the best impact and will be a conversation starter in your garden. The light scent will surprise and delight you.

8 Allium 'Graceful Beauty'

Like a snowball made of white star-shaped florets with light purple stamens, this allium is really pretty and makes a long-lasting cut flower. It's also a naturalizer and will come back year after year. Yippee!

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