Spring 2024

Our Spring 2024 selection of flower bulbs, perennials, roses, fruits, vegetables, organics seeds as well as top notch gardening accessories is just waiting for you to explore.

With over 400 plant varieties to choose from your garden is guaranteed to be an oasis of tranquility - a living canvas of colour created by you.

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PerennialsPerennials I-M

Iris siberica 'Pink Parfait'

'Pink Parfait’s' many ‘shades of pink’ petals will remind you of a rose more than an Iris. We love the idea of an easy care Iris looking like a rose!...
Ball & PomponDahlias

Wizard of Oz Pompon Dahlia

These Pompon Dahlias are simply over the top just like the Wizard of Oz. Colour variation may occur offering tones of pink and peach. Resembling those knitted balls on Grandma’s...
PerennialsPerennials P

Phlox paniculata 'Sherbet Blend'

A unique blend of pink, green and white blooms plus it's scented too! These late bloomers are a must. Garden Phlox is attractive to hummingbirds and butterflies. An old fashioned...
FruitsFruits & Veggies

Strawberry 'Albion'

'Albion' is everbearing, producing fruit all summer long and into fall. This berry has outstanding flavour and because it does not produce many runners it's excellent in containers. Must have!...
PerennialsPerennials R-V

Sedum 'Thunderhead'

Limited Supply! Not only is 'Thunderhead' taller than most sedums it also offers spectacular colour and impressively thick stems. Sedums are tough, drought tolerant, easy-to-grow perennials that feature star-shaped flowers...
Ball & PomponDahlias

Sylvia Ball Dahlia

These delightful balls of blooms resemble fresh oranges and will bring a glowing, sunny look to your flower beds right until fall frosts. Resembling those knitted balls on Grandma’s slippers,...
Botanus Bee Garden CollectionBotanus Garden Collections-Spring

Bee Garden Collection

SAVE 42% Do you want to help your garden grow and help the bees at the same time? It’s easy to do with our Bee Garden Collection. All of the...
$59.95 $34.97
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Convallaria majalis

This lovely perennial, commonly known as 'Lily of the Valley' is long-lived, even in dense shade. The delicate and intensely fragrant small bell-shaped blooms make wonderful cut flowers that can...
$24.50 $16.97
Sale Items - SpringSpring 2024

Rudbeckia fulgida 'Goldsturm'

Plant drifts of 'Goldsturm' in every sunny spot, pots included, and then when summer is ending and colour is scarce in the garden, they will give you a sea full...
$17.25 $11.97
Best Hori Hori Knife! Perfect for planting, transplanting, grubbing, removing roots or deep-rooted weeds, and dividing perennials. Hori Hori Knife! n Japan this knife is traditionally used to collect specimens for bonsai but its uses go far beyond the bonsai! Perfect for planting, transplanting, grubbing, removing roots or deep-rooted weeds, and dividing perennials.
AccessoriesFall 2023

Hori Hori Knife

There is a lot of good 'buzz' about this fantastic tool from Japan. The Hori-Hori, sometimes referred to as a "soil" or a "weeding knife", is a heavy, serrated, multi-purpose...
Fruits & VeggiesSpring 2024

Rhubarb 'Canada Red'

Choose 'Canada Red' if you like sweetness and colour. The stalks keep their bright red colour, even when cooked. They are so tender there is no need to peel them....
PerennialsPerennials A

Alcea rosea 'Chater's Double Purple'

'Chater's Double Purple' has beautiful, fluffy double flowers in a pleasing purple hue. The butterflies and hummingbirds love them! Hollyhocks are old garden favourites providing excellent architectural height, contrast and...

Thomas Edison Decorative Dahlia

Light up your garden (sorry - we couldn't resist the pun) with this beautiful, deep violet dahlia. Decorative Dahlias have layer upon layer of fully double flat florets which are...
PerennialsPerennials A

Anemone Hybrid 'Honorine Jobert'

Perennial of the Year 2016! 'Honorine Jobert' is an old garden hybrid - an elegant perennial with plenty of dazzling white flowers that was discovered in the French garden of...

Casablanca Oriental Lily

This intoxicating flower is perfect for the moonlight garden. One of the most popular Oriental lilies we sell, its fragrance is intoxicating! Oriental Lilies are the most popular type of...
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Dicentra spectabilis

This old time perennial favourite really belongs in every garden. So easy to grow and the flowers are irresistibly cute! Dicentra spectabilis features graceful, soft green foliage that is less...
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Nadia Ruth Fringed Dahlia

There's something so soft and appealing about these huge flowers - they remind us of fresh linens and cotton candy - a strange combo but it works! Fringed Dahlias display...
PerennialsPerennials A

Aquilegia vulgaris 'Kirigami Red & White'

As intricate as its namesake, 'Kirigami Red & White' is a pretty Columbine that you will love as much as the butterflies and bees do! A clump-forming perennial with almost...

Nuit d'Ete Cactus Dahlia

Nuit D'Ete is one of the darkest Dahlias available and sure to add contrast to any cut flower garden! Cactus Dahlias are easy to recognize by the profusion of florets...
BegoniasBelgium Novelty

Angelique Novelty Begonia

A classic white and pink beauty. These gorgeous, double blooming begonias will light up your shady spots and they're fragrant too! Bring a bit of spice to your garden with...