Snowdrops are the toughest little beauties in the garden.

Early to bloom, quick to naturalize and some different varieties to choose from. Classic spring bloomers.

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Fall 2024Galanthus

Snowdrops Single

Single Snowdrops are one of Elke's Faves this's why: I visited an old farmer's garden in Germany very early this spring and was in awe at the sight of...
Fall 2024Galanthus

Galanthus woronowii

This Galanthus has broader leaves that stay fresh longer than other varieties, making it a lovely ground cover long after the flower is gone. Plant in drifts and allow them...
Fall 2024Galanthus

Snowdrops Double

Double Snowdrops like other Galanthus grow well under deciduous trees where the exposure to sun is full in early spring but changes to partial shade as the trees leaf out....
Botanus Garden Collections-FallCrocus-Spring Flowering

Spring Jump Start Collection

Imagine your spring garden bursting forth in full floral colour and fragrance! Whether in containers or in your flower bed you’ll be creating a spectacular, head-turning spring flowering garden with...
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Fall 2024Galanthus

Galanthus 'Mount Everest'

Mount Everest has lovely large white and green blooms with strappy leaves that appear very early in the spring. A Galanthophile's (snowdrop enthusiast) dream! Its lovely, large flowers have green...