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Why wait until the end of the season to start saving?

Botanus has had a long-standing tradition of offering great deals and specials on our top quality bulbs right from the beginning of the season. Take advantage of these terrific bargains and fill your garden with spring colour!

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AlliumFall 2024

Allium 'Purple Sensation'

One of our most popular alliums, 'Purple Sensation' sports a full ball of bright purple, star-shaped flowers. Alliums, or ornamental onions, are easy to grow bulbs that are increasing in...
$14.75 $9.97
Canadian Celebration SpecialsFall 2024

Canadian Celebration Triumph Tulip

The official registered hybrid name of this stunning tulip is ‘Happy Generation’ - a gorgeous red & white variety that has been adored for decades. Our Dutch suppliers have aptly...
$15.95 $13.97
Crocus-Spring FloweringFall 2024

Large Flowering Crocus Mix

Our ever-popular mix of large flowering crocus brings a splash of early colour to the spring garden! Can't make up your mind? Try our Mixed Colours of Large Flowering Crocus....
$34.75 $19.97
Crocus-Spring FloweringFall 2024

Snow Crocus Mix

This fun and cheerful mix spreads quickly and naturalizes well in sunny locations. Plant in containers, borders or anywhere you want a multicoloured carpet of blooms. Crocus - the first...
$32.75 $19.97
CuppedDaffodils & Narcissi

Fragrant Narcissi Mix

The Fragrant Narcissi Mix is a spring bouquet lovers dream - not only because the wide array of colours and shapes is beautiful to look at but their fragrance is...
$70.95 $39.97
Daffodils & NarcissiDouble Narcissi

Twice as Nice Double Narcissi Mix

Twice as Nice is an irresistible combination of lusciously large, fully double Narcissi! Double Narcissi are unusual yet breathtaking in their intricate design. Take a close look and you'll be...
$33.50 $24.97
Daffodils & NarcissiDwarf

Tete a Tete Dwarf Narcissi

One of the earliest bloomers, Tete a Tete is as bright as the sun and just as welcome. Plant en masse in any spot where you need a punch of...
$24.75 $16.97
Canadian Celebration SpecialsFall 2024

Estella Rynveld Parrot Tulip

A crazy beautiful combination of red and white, Estella Rynveld offers classic tulip colours with an unconventional, show-stopping flower!                Each bloom is truly unique and we think that these...
$23.50 $19.97
Creative CombinationsFall 2024

Blue Suede Shoes Muscari Mix

Create a carpet of cool bluish hues with our fabulous Blue Suede Shoes! Muscari are some of the earliest bloomers and naturalize well in the garden. Our special combo contains...
$28.50 $19.97
Fall 2024Sale Items - Fall

Spanish Bluebell Mix

If you're looking to fill in a patch of garden somewhere and want some easy to grow, early spring blooms, then this Spanish Bluebell Mix is the ticket! They grow...
$29.95 $19.97
AnemoneFall 2024

Anemone blanda 'Blue Star'

These daisy-like beauties naturalize well in zones 4-8 and looks great in rock gardens and containers. Choose Anemone blandas for the colourful carpets they create. They flower early in the...
$13.95 $9.97
Fall 2024Puschkinia

Puschkinia libanotica

Puschkinia libanotica sends up short stalks that bear as many as six, lushly petaled white blossoms with bluish veining. Commonly known as Striped Squill, these rock garden favourites are related...
$15.50 $9.97
Fall 2024Iris

Iris Spring Mix

This lovely mix of Dutch Irises is the perfect choice for some late spring colour. Not only will they naturalize and spread easily in your garden but they also make...
$16.25 $9.97
Canadian Celebration SpecialsDaffodils & Narcissi

Arctic Bells Mini Narcissi

These sweet and unusual blooms look like glistening white bells, surrounded by slender petals in a star formation. Plant them together in a little group for maximum effect. The tiniest...
$15.75 $12.97
Fall 2024Sale Items - Fall

Scilla nutans

Commonly known as English Bluebells, these plants love well drained soil, rich in organic matter and will grow in sun to full shade. They also naturalize easily in the right...
$27.95 $19.97
Fall 2024Mini Botanical

Chrysantha Mini Botanical Tulip

Fiery red on the outside and sunny yellow on the inside it’s like having two different varieties in one location. Chrysantha will delight you for years to come! For those...
$17.75 $10.97
Canadian Celebration SpecialsFall 2024

Carnegie Regular Hyacinth

Carnegie’s pure white colour and strong perfume make it a wonderful addition to any white garden. Plant in larger numbers in containers, beds or at the front of borders. Its...
$22.95 $15.97
Canadian Celebration SpecialsCrocus-Spring Flowering

Snowstorm Large Flowering Crocus

Large, bright white blooms that are so easy to plant and enjoy year after year. White, bright and full of light. Crocus - the first sign of Spring! What's lovelier...
$13.95 $9.97
Fall 2024Garlic

Garlic Mix

Plant a cornucopia of our mixed Garlic and savour the flavours of different varieties. The varieties are unnamed in the mix - so enjoy the surprise! Save 16% off our...
$23.25 $19.97
Fall 2024Sale Items - Fall

Flaming Flag Triumph Tulip

Each bloom is unique and promises to deliver a one-of-a-kind effect of white petals infused with purple flames. Triumph tulips constitute the largest classification of tulips with more than 1400...
$20.75 $13.97