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Matteuccia struthiopteris is one of Pamela's Faves this season...here's why:

I adore this fern and have a few growing in my backyard. Why? Well the answer is simple: they look amazing, they’re easy to grow, there’s no maintenance or pruning required and they come back bigger, better each year. If you’re looking to create a lush green vista choose this fern! 

Pamela Dangelmaier

Otherwise known as the Ostrich or Fiddlehead Fern this is a lush addition to your shade garden. They love moist rich soil conditions and are lovely in groups of three or more.

Matteuccia struthiopteris is prized for its bold architectural quality. The showy parts of this fern are the finely dissected, medium green, vegetative fronds that exhibit the feathery appearance of long ostrich plumes. It thrives in average to damp soil and shade. The vegetative fronds emerge at the narrow base of the clumps in spring as the familiar 'fiddleheads' from where they unfurl.

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