Canadian Celebration Specials

In 2017 Canada celebrated its 150 birthday and we're still continuing the party!

We've put a number of red and white flower bulb varieties on sale because there's ways reasons to be proud of and celebrate Canada.

Each of the varieties and collections are Celebration priced to make it even easier to continue showing your true Canadian spirit. Imagine your flower beds next spring coming alive with the colours of our national will be a sight to behold. Pretty & patriotic!

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Canadian Celebration SpecialsDaffodils & Narcissi

Arctic Bells Mini Narcissi

These sweet and unusual blooms look like glistening white bells, surrounded by slender petals in a star formation. Plant them together in a little group for maximum effect. The tiniest...
$15.75 $12.97
Canadian Celebration SpecialsFall 2024

Canadian Celebration Triumph Tulip

The official registered hybrid name of this stunning tulip is ‘Happy Generation’ - a gorgeous red & white variety that has been adored for decades. Our Dutch suppliers have aptly...
$15.95 $13.97
Canadian Celebration SpecialsFall 2024

Canadian Liberator Triumph Tulip

In 1945, Canadian forces played an integral role in the liberation of Europe at the end of World War II. Canadian Liberator tulips were named in honour of all members...
$18.95 $15.97
Canadian Celebration SpecialsFall 2024

Carnegie Regular Hyacinth

Carnegie’s pure white colour and strong perfume make it a wonderful addition to any white garden. Plant in larger numbers in containers, beds or at the front of borders. Its...
$22.95 $15.97
Canadian Celebration SpecialsChionodoxa

Chionodoxa forbesii alba

These are very hardy snow-white flowers that will increase in numbers over the years. Plant them en masse in rock and woodland gardens or even in the lawn. Commonly know...
$12.50 $9.97
Canadian Celebration SpecialsFall 2024

Couleur Cardinal Single Early Tulip

Couleur Cardinal boasts velvety red petals with a plum blush and it's fragrant too. Holds up to wind and rain and its blooms seem to last forever! True to their...
$26.95 $21.97
Canadian Celebration SpecialsFall 2024

Estella Rynveld Parrot Tulip

A crazy beautiful combination of red and white, Estella Rynveld offers classic tulip colours with an unconventional, show-stopping flower!                Each bloom is truly unique and we think that these...
$23.50 $19.97
Canadian Celebration SpecialsDouble Early

Mondial Double Early Tulip

The large snow white, double blooms of Mondial resemble roses and when planted en masse develop into a fabulous carpet of serene white hues. When they say double they mean...
$23.95 $19.97
Canadian Celebration SpecialsFall 2024

Muscari 'White Magic'

The perfect addition to your spring flower garden. White Magic is an improved version of Muscari botryoides album and mixes well with other Muscari such as Pink Sunrise and Big...
$18.50 $15.97
Canadian Celebration SpecialsFall 2024

North Pole Fringed Tulip

Just as you'd expect, this elegant Fringed Tulip is as cool as an arctic landscape. The distinctive fringed edges of these wonderful tulips resemble frosty crystals on a winter's window....
$21.50 $18.97
Canadian Celebration SpecialsFall 2024

Oh Canada! Creative Combination

Show your pride and plant your Oh Canada Collection in a prominent spot in the garden for everyone to enjoy! This patriotic collection of bulbs contains 16 glowingly red and...
$27.50 $19.97
Canadian Celebration SpecialsCrocus-Spring Flowering

Snowstorm Large Flowering Crocus

Large, bright white blooms that are so easy to plant and enjoy year after year. White, bright and full of light. Crocus - the first sign of Spring! What's lovelier...
$13.95 $9.97