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Each bracelet is absolutely unique and are sold as a set of three! Lovingly hand-made in Haiti by adult workers at the Foundation for the Children of Haiti, each bead is individually crafted from surplus Botanus catalogues then artistically strung together to create a one of a kind keepsake.

It's a win-win situation: Botanus forwards 100% of all proceeds made from the sale of the necklaces to the CFCH. These proceeds are then divided equally 50/50 between the individual who made the necklace and the CFCH for use in their various facilities which include an orphanage, hospital, rehabilitation centre and schools.

Botanus is motivated by the same values as the CFCH and believe that "all children deserve to live in a secure and loving environment, receive a standard of care that promotes physical and emotional well-being, and receive an education that will prepare them for a productive future."

Join us in our pursuit of this goal and wear a piece of Botanus to show your support!

*Each bracelet is unique and the colours may vary but we guarantee you'll be thrilled with what you receive.*

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